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Microelectronics Courses
- Wireless Sensor Network Systems
  June 15-17, 2005, Vancouver, BC

- DSP Programming Workshop
  not currently being offered

- Digital Integrated Circuits Design
  not currently being offered

The confirmed growth of the Canadian Microelectronics industry relies on its ability to acquire relevant skills in a highly competitive market place.  This market place requires highly qualified professionals to augment their skills using state-of-the-art techniques.  Innovative capacity of this industry also depends on its ability to utilize a multi-disciplinary strength of Canada's highly qualified professionals.  Vitesse's program for microelectronics is aimed at ensuring that relevant training is provided when needed to the industry in a timeframe consistent with the changes in the sector.  The Digital IC Design program, under Vitesse Microelectronics, is intended to do just that.

Objectives of the program: To acquire skills in state-of-the-art methodologies in Verilog-based FPGA specifications, design, synthesis, verification, test and layout of complex digital systems in a hands-on intensive environment.


This program will enable engineering professionals to:

  • Use and acquire proficiency in Cadence, Synopsis and other design tools.
  • Prepare yourself for designing with hardware design languages in any environment.
  • Develop hands-on experience in designing with commercial programmable logic devices.
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of the entire chip making process.
  • Have a Certificate of attestation upon completion.
  • Remain current with the latest tools and techniques used by the Industry.

The program will enable companies and institutes to:

  • Identify qualified professionals who meet the company's hiring criteria to acquire targeted job-specific skills.
  • Ensure that professionals hired in the company have the most up to date and relevant skills for current job requirements.
  • Ensure that the program content and timing is consistent with the company's goals and objectives.
  • Reduce and eliminate any skills shortages that would prevent the company from meeting its goals to its clients.

Intended audience: Those that are employed in the microelectronics industry, with a background in electrical engineering.