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Photon-Based Nanoscience & Technology
From Atomic Level Manipulation to Materials Synthesis
& Nanobiodevice Manufacturing

September 19 - 29, 2005, Auberge Estrimont, Orford, QC, Canada

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Scientific Directors
 Jan J. Dubowski, Ph.D., Professor
Université de Sherbrooke
 Québec, Canada
 Department of Electrical & Computer
 Aaron Peled, Ph.D., Professor
 Holon Academic Institute of Technology  
 Department of Electrical & Electronics 

ASI Scientific Secretary (contact person)
Stoyan Tanev, Ph.D., Program Manager, Photonics & Biophotonics Programs
Vitesse Re-SkillingTM Canada Inc.
T: 613.254.9880 ext. 228      F: 613.254.9881     E:

ADVANCED STUDY INSTITUTES are advanced-level tutorials on a subject given by lecturers of international standing.

The OBJECTIVES of this ASI are:
- BUILD a creative advanced research learning environment by bringing together world experts, researchers, Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows from industry, academia and government research organizations
- EXPLORE various aspects of fundamental research on existing and emerging photon-based technologies for atomic level manipulation and nanomaterials synthesis
- EXAMINE the feasibility and the need for developing the next generation of nanobiodevices for biodiagnostic, therapeutic, environmental and biodefense applications
- PROVIDE an opportunity for the next generation of scientists to become familiar with the international achievements of nanoscience research and development efforts, which in turn, will allow for further advancement of  their research communities' knowledge skills and motivation
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