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Water Quality Resource Management

Water Resources Management Program

Vitesse's unique leading edge learning and re-skilling™ solutions are capable of addressing emerging demands in the new fields of science and technology, such as Water Resources Management. We are developing a program in collaboration with Okanagan University College (OUC) and expect to be launching a pilot in the Fall of 2002.

Our partnership with OUC will enable us to assess skill gaps in the area of fresh water resources. The assessment will encompass

  • predictive management,
  • monitoring assessment,
  • ecological restoration and rehabilitation,
  • watershed management,
  • water quality risk management.

It is anticipated that demand for re-skilling™ will grow due to increased regulation and growing concerns around health hazards and water quality sustainability.

Vitesse acts as a catalyst by bringing together educational, industry and government organizations to develop learning solutions that help satisfy demands for skilled resources.