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Effective Presentations


  • Know your audience - speak so they understand you
  • Use appropriate presentation approaches, tools and technologies - be confident
  • Structure ideas simply and persuasively
  • Understand non-verbal techniques that enhance presentations
  • Recognize the cultural diversity of your audience and prepare suitable presentations
  • Be able to rephrase content to ensure understanding
  • Respond effectively to questions 

Skills Check-List

  • Address your listeners' needs and background knowledge - employing suitable level of language
  • Being sensitive to cultural and gender differences
  • Able to 'book-end' presentations with effective openings and closings
  • Present confidently - without nervousness
  • Effective pacing - separating key topics and using transitions
  • Incorporate an appropriate level of eye contact with the audience
  • Use natural purposeful gestures
  • Vary voice speed, volume, and projection
  • Inject appropriate examples and stories
  • Concrete, succinct, memorable
  • Involve your audience
  • Field questions while maintaining presentation flow
  • Create effective visual aids and handouts