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Canadian Workplace Practices

Oral Communication in the Workplace


  • Listen and ask questions to understand and appreciate the points of view of others
  • Workplace specific communication, jargon, idioms
  • Meetings - participating, contributing, clarifying
  • Using appropriate body language
  • Ask questions to clarify ideas/concepts you don't understand
  • Appropriate communication etiquette/practices
  • Respect the opinions of other

Skills Check-List
  • Carry on conversations with others and respond to questions they ask
  • Express my opinions and ideas to others so they understand me
  • Ask the right questions to get the information I need
  • Give instructions or explain things clearly to others
  • Speak in public or give a speech with confidence
  • Change the way I speak for various audiences (e.g. friends, employers, professionals)
  • Speak tactfully when resolving a conflict
  • Speak assertively so others will be persuaded by my ideas
  • Understand and use appropriate body language
  • Speak clearly and courteously when using communication tools - e.g. telephone and voice mail