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Vitesse Bioprocessing Program: Call for Applications

You have previously expressed interest in participating in the Vitesse Bioprocessing Program.

Vitesse (Re-Skilling) Canada Inc. is pleased to announce the pilot phase of its certificate program in bioprocessing, to be held at McGill University, starting on June 02, 2003.   The program consists of 13 weeks, full-time study, at McGill Universityís Macdonald campus, just on the Western edge of Montreal. Graduates of the program will receive a joint McGill-Vitesse certificate.

The program will provide hands-on experience in bioprocess design, control and fermentation skills in addition to providing fundamental knowledge of enzymology, molecular biology and biochemistry.

The program is geared towards engineering and science graduates with a minimum education at the bachelorís level trained in Canada and outside of Canada.   Applicants should be Landed Immigrants or Canadian citizens.

In order to apply, applicants should provide:

1.  Completed application form
2.  Trasnscripts from a Canadian University
3.  Transcripts from a non-Canadian University (see note below)
4.  A non-refundable $75.00 (CDN + GST) application fee
5.  Your curriculum vitae in hard copy as well as on disk (.doc format)
6.  Applicants whose first language is not English must also submit a standardized English Language test score, such as TOEFL, CANTEST, or CAEL.

NB:  In order for transcripts from universities outside of Canada to be accepted, they must be accompanied with a course-by-course assessment report of the applicantís degree completed by a recognized credential assessment organization, such as World education services (www.wes.org/ca), although course-by-course reports from other organizations will also be accepted.

For more information or to obtain application form, please contact selina.stevenson@vitesse.ca

Best Regards,

Taras Hollyer
Program Manager, Biotech and Life Sciences