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Biomanufacturing Training Needs Survey

Vitesse Re-SkillingTM Canada Inc. in conjunction with the Bioprocessing Institute (BI), the Ottawa Life Sciences Council (OLSC) and Industry Canada (IC) is developing a strategy to implement industry standard training programs in biomanufacturing. The aim of this initiative seeks to provide a detailed curriculum plan that will articulate industry's unmet biopharmaceutical manufacturing training needs. As well, it will help to determine the related training services and activities of the BI, and how those training services complement existing training services nationally.

This survey consists of three parts: Part I is basic company information, whereas Parts II and III will assess the need for professional development and technical skills training.  Separate individuals can fill out the different parts, as many questions regarding HR are quite distinct from those assessing technical needs.


All information will be kept completely confidential, and will be used for the purpose of this project only. 

#1  Name of Company:
#2  Name of Respondent:
#3  Position:
#4  Phone Number:
#5  Fax Number:
#6  Email Address:
#7  Website Address:
#8  Year Established:
#9  Number of Employees:
#10  Ownership: (e.g. Public)
#11  Current Manufacturing Capacity:
 Under 10 litres
 10-50 litres
 50-250 litres
 250-1,000 litres
 1,000-3,000 litres
#12  Activity in the GTA:
#13  Location of Manufacturing Facilities:
#14  Does your company have lab facilities?
#15  Type of Lab Facilities: (e.g. R&D, Analytical)
#16  Type of Company: [check all that apply]
 Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)
 Biopharmaceutical company that outsources its manufacturing needs
 Biopharmaceutical company with in-house manufacturing capabilities
#17  Please list your company's current product portfolio and it's development phase: (e.g. name of product and development phase: discovery, pre-clinical, PI, II, III or commercial):

#18  Define your company's research focus: (e.g. Mab's for cancer therapy, proteins, etc.)

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