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Vitesse Interdisciplinary Workshop


February 22-25, 2005

Vitesse Canada Office
Park Place, 666 Burrard Street, Suite 1170
Vancouver, B.C. V6C 2X8, Canada

The Vitesse Interdisciplinary Workshop, is a first of its nature, knowledge-sharing forum aimed at enhancing the knowledge base of highly qualified professionals at the interface of physics, photonics and biomedical engineering and the biosciences.

This program covers the following topics:


      Introduction to Biology

-          The cell: structure and functions, DNA, RNA and proteins

-          PCR sequencing, hybridization-based procedures

-          Fluorescent proteins or antibody tags

High Throughput Molecular Biology

-          Genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome

-          High throughput techniques: microarray, SAGE, real-time PCR


Principles of Photobiology and Tissue Optics


Biochemistry for Optical Biosensors

-          Introduction to biosensors

-          Major strategies for optical biosensor design

-          Immobilization and sustained activity of proteins and nucleic acids on sensor surfaces


Applications of Nano-Particles for Cancer Imaging


Cellular and Sub-Cellular Imaging and Clinical Treatment by Means of Nonlinear Optics Techniques

-          Biological structures: multi-photon phenomena and fluorescence microscopy specifics

-          Cellular or sub-cellular functions and structure imaging by second harmonic, hyper-Raman effects and by two-photon fluorescence correlation spectroscopy


Advanced Optical Technologies for the Detection and Grading of Pre-Invasive Cervical Inter-Epithelial Neoplasias


Quantitative Microscopy Instrumentation


Biophotonics Simulations: Light Scattering from Biological Cells


      Biophotonics Simulations: Light Scattering from Biological Cells

Targeted Audience

  • Physical scientists, photonics and biomedical engineers and researchers
  • Masters, Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows
  • Those with little or no understanding of biological systems
  • Those who are interested in learning the basic concepts of biology and biophotonics with a view to explore interdisciplinary opportunities

Benefits to Participants
- A comprehensive initiation in biology and biotechnology
- Acquire knowledge of a variety of optical techniques for bio applications

- Explore the transfer of applied science concepts or techniques to biological systems

- Apply acquired knowledge to real life examples (problem based learning sessions)
- Possibility for career advancement into the fields of biology or medicine and biophotonics

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 ***Update: changes have been made to the detailed program for February 22nd and 23rd

Registration Fee
Regular: $975 + 7% GST
Early Bird: $750 + 7% GST  

Students: $495 + 7% GST
**Note: Early Bird ends February 10th, 2005

To REGISTER, complete our online registration form

Sandman Suites on Davie
1160 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 1N1
**Participants can take advantage of their low rate of $69.75/night
Contact Stoyan.Tanev@vitesse.ca for details.

For more information contact:

Natalia Kazakova, M.Sc.
Program Coordinator
T: (604) 408-2583
E: Natalia.Kazakova@vitesse.ca

Ivan Pecuh, M.Sc.
Program Manager
T: (604) 408-2582
E: Ivan.Pecuh@vitesse.ca

Stoyan Tanev, Ph.D.
Program Manager
T: (613) 746-3595 ext. 228
E: Stoyan.Tanev@vitesse.ca