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What our Former Students are saying…

Nelly Faycal, Vitesse Participant
"I felt that after studying 10 years of mathematics, I could not find something I really liked. I could not get to where I wanted to be. In one year, I changed form someone who's completely foreign to the (technology) environment to someone who has expertise in it. It gave me an opportunity to get guidance from a company, instead of going and choosing courses that were not necessarily relevant. The co-op work gave me an opportunity to applying directly what I learned. The change has been dramatic and it's a challenging and exciting area and this is where the jobs are."

Vikram Varma, Vitesse Participant
"I think it's good that industry comes up with this stuff. It definitely has given, I think, all of us in the program, a pretty positive experience and all of us have moved forward in our careers and towards a future which is pretty big."

Michael Gumpert, Vitesse Participant
"You can feel the energy here (in the program). Everyone is bright-eyed and wondering about what's to come. Next year is going to be interesting and I am pretty excited."

Michel Crichton, Vitesse Participant
"At first, I never thought I could get it. But it's turned out to be a great learning experience, particularly in the work term at Mitel."

Cliff Andrews, Vitesse Participant
"Even though it was a lot of hard work, it was a great experience. It paid off with a promising new career and a lot of new friends. I'm glad to have been a part of it."