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LEED Certification

LEED Certification Preparation

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building council and recognized globally. Its purpose is to provide independent verification of a real estate or building project’s degree of resource efficiency. Areas covered include energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, emissions, proximity to mass transit, use of recyclable materials, renewable energy, etc.

The Green Building Council for LEED certifies both the buildings and the professionals (engineers, constructors, facility managers, technicians, operational managers, etc.)

A building is rated as Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum depending on how many points are received in each category.

Most of the “green” jobs are, and will continue to be in the areas of making buildings and facilities of all types more energy efficient. Government will require third-party verification. As well there will continue to be opportunities in the area of renewable energy production.


There are no prerequisites for enrolling and taking the course and become a LEED Green Associate. However to become a Certified LEED Professional, experience on a LEED project is required at some point. Otherwise you can take the Green Associate test.

If you work in a related field, the accreditation will look good on your resume. It should only take a month or two to get the Green Associate tag, and you can work on the Accredited Professional Certification when you find an opportunity to work on a project.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Accepted internationally, LEED is a third-party certification program for energy efficient buildings, either new or renovated.
  • All the work involving the certification of buildings under the LEED program, must be performed by a team having a LEED accredited professional.
  • Passing the LEED Exam allows professionals to obtain one of  the LEED designations.
  • Workshop participants will learn in details the following rating systems:
    - LEED Canada New Construction and Major Renovations (NC) 2009, and;
    - LEED Canada Core and Shell Development (CS) 2009

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