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Q. What is the role of the Company Mentor?
A. The Company Mentor is selected by the participating company to assist the student in adjusting to the company's particular work environment. The mentor selects and supervises the project that the student works on during the work term. The Company Mentor liaises with the University/College Advisor in identifying company needs from a human resource perspective and appropriate courses. The Company Mentor is generally a technical manager from the unit where the student is likely to work if the company chooses to make an offer. Participating companies that have selected two or more students will generally identify an additional resource person, usually from the company's Human Resource department, to assist the students in general administration issues and facilitate the work term part of the program.

Q. What happens after a candidate completes their training?
A. Because Employers have already identified a resource shortage or skills need before sponsoring a participant, all participants to date have been hired by the sponsoring companies upon graduation. However, companies are not obliged to hire their sponsored candidates, and candidates are not obliged to accept employment from the sponsoring company.

Q. Has the program been successful in placing students with full-time jobs?
A. So far the program placement rate has been 100%. This may change as needs vary from company to company. Individual performance is critical to any placement.