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Q. What type of academic average would a candidate typically present to be accepted into the program?
A. The selection committee will determine the exact average based on the applications received and the number of participants required for the round. In the past, the average has been over 80%.

Q. What is the role of the Academic Advisor?
A. The Academic Advisor is usually a professor or instructor who is familiar with the courses and programs offered. The Academic Advisor assists students in course selection and gives general guidance on completing the academic requirements of the program. The Academic Advisor liaises with the Company Mentor to identify company needs and assesses the student's ability to pursue courses that meet the company's requirements.

Q. After completion of the Vitesse program, will candidates be able to continue further studies in computer science/engineering or software programming at the participating universities?
A. The courses for the Vitesse Program are considered applicable credits towards any degree program at the universities. The participating universities will provide exemptions for courses taken in accordance with the standard procedure for admission to a degree-level program.