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Why Choose Biotechnology?

In the past decade, the biotechnology industry has literally exploded with exciting new products that benefit society. Within the biotechnology industry, the bioprocess sector aids pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in developing, optimizing, and producing innovative bioproducts and processes. The biotechnology industry anticipates an increasing demand for skilled operators, technicians and quality assurance staff to measure, install, operate, control, and troubleshoot a variety of support systems. Many positions become unfilled because the industry cannot find enough qualified people to fill their job openings. This means higher salaries and faster promotional potential! This is a great opportunity for you to build an exciting career!

Presentation about Ottawa's Growing Biotech Sector

Vitesse Biotechnology Bridging Program 
for Internationally Trained Professionals (VBP-ITP's)
This program, which began in Ottawa 2002, was initially funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Access to Professions and Trades, and utilizes our successful re-skillingTM model. The program is aimed at unemployed or underemployed internationally-trained professionals who have significant academic achievements in the life sciences, biotech-related sciences or applied sciences, but are unable to find jobs in their professions. These people eventually are re-skilled to become biotechnology specialists.

In 2004-2005, Vitesse expanded the program to Toronto. The VBP-ITP is the only post-secondary education program in Ontario that allow companies to participate in student selection and program direction to custom-skill individuals to job needs.

Benefits to Participants
1.  Acknowledgment of academic and professional qualifications
2.  Technical training that meet the needs of Canada's top biotechnology companies
3.  A joint certificate signed by Vitesse and participating academic institutions for those who    successfully complete the program
4.  Exposure to Canadian work environments and cultural workshops
5.  An opportunity to compete for a work placement

Next Call for Applications:
For ITP's interested in biotechnology, see our main page of the Vitesse Bridging Program